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Alexander Lemeshev is a widely recognized musical virtuoso who skillfully plays an unusual instrument called a «glass harp» (musical glasses).

Alexander completed higher education studying guitar and worked for a long time playing bass guitar in a rock band and in a jazz orchestra. He was attracted to the «singing glasses» by their uniqueness. At the beginning, Alexander played them only as a hobby. However, his interest grew stronger as his skill at playing this new instrument increased.

In 2002, Alexander Lemeshev started his professional music career as a glass harp player. During this period, he gave performances in many Russian cities, and often demonstrated his ability to play the glass harp in different countries around the world: Germany, Finland, Italy, France, Ukraine, India, Mexico, and the USA.

Today, Alexander is one of the most popular performers of the glass harp throughout Russia and worldwide. Alexander Lemeshev is an active member of Glass Music International.

He regularly performs on various television programs such as Minute of Fame, Anschlag, Laughing Allowed, Izmaylovsky Park, Humor Club, Grigory Gorin Planet, and more. His performances have a mesmerizing effect on audiences, leaving them astonished.

In the virtuoso hands of Alexander Lemeshev, the glass harp becomes an essential part of many significant cultural events, concerts, and projects.

These have included the Petrovsky Ball in Venice, the International Festival of Glass Music in the USA, the opening ceremony of Amur Autumn Film Festival in Blagoveschensk, the White Nights in Perm Festival, a concert honoring Russian opera singer Elena Vasilyevna Obraztsova, and the closing ceremony of Paralympic Games in Sochi, to name a few.

The artist is always on a creative quest, experimenting with sounds combining glass harp with various instruments played together with string quartets or even symphony orchestras.

He has made performances and collaborated with many renowned musicians including a duet with guitarist Vitaliy Shalem (Berlin), a project with Chamber Orchestra Kremlin (Moscow), and concerts with the Mikhaylovsky quartet (St. Petersburg), and many others too numerous to list, that featured his virtuoso glass harp playing.

Today, Alexander Lemeshev regularly participates in different music projects, private events, and large public concerts and constantly improves his mastery playing the music on glass.